Cosplay The Series Fanart Contest

COSPLAY: The Series Fanart Competition
29 October 2011 – 5 February 2012
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Submit your art and win:

  1. 1. DVD boxset of all COSPLAY: The Series materials, including full episodes of Seasons 1 & 2, OSTs, and unreleased special features
  2. 2. COSPLAY: The Series schwags, including stickers and pins
  3. 3. Volume #02 and #03 of media partner Cosplay Gen, Worldwide Cosplay Magazine
  4. 4. Bookmark, T-shirt, and plush toy from partner artist Sang Sayur
  5. 5. Celestialdreams Project mini album CD

Winning artists may also get a chance to work with COSPLAY: The Series artistic team in future projects. Winners may request special autographed cosplay photos from up to three COSPLAY: The Series casts of their own selection.

Want to donate prizes and promote your project? E-mail before December 31st, 2011!

What to submit

  1. 1. Your artistic interpretation of COSPLAY: The Series characters and materials
  2. 2. Submissions must be in the form of original illustrations. Digital editing and/or photomanipulations of COSPLAY: The Series materials are allowed.
  3. 3. You may ONLY use COSPLAY: The Series original characters. You MAY NOT depict characters in non-original cosplay (i.e. you may not submit pictures of Kamen Rider Hibiki and call it “Bagas cosplaying Kamen Rider Hibiki”)
  4. 4. Short description of why you select the character/s depicted must be included. Addition of fan-fiction (e.g. backstory, sidestory, etc) will be a plus point.
  5. 5. You may depict characters in their childhood or various times in their lives.
  6. 6. You may add your own original characters to accompany the main characters.
  7. 7. You may create, interpret, and/or improve on character’s costumes (e.g. new lolita outfit for Agnesya, etc.) – be creative!
  8. 8. You may NOT depict characters in explicit graphic situations (e.g. hentai, guro, etc will not be accepted). Non-explicit romantic pairings are allowed.

You may submit up to three pieces in the competition.

How to submit

  1. 1. You can post on your own wall on Facebook and tagging COSPLAY: The Series
  2. 2. You can post on DeviantArt and share with us the link to your work on our DeviantArt profile
  3. 3. You can e-mail your artwork directly to
  4. 4. Accepted submissions will be posted to our Facebook album at

Selection process

  1. 1. Competition begins on October 29th, 2011. As an appreciation to dedicated fans, those who have submitted works prior to this competition will automatically be entered in the competition unless they choose to opt out.
  2. 2. Voting will happen on Facebook by clicking on the “Like” button on each respective artwork
  3. 3. Submission is closed on December 31st, 2011, but voting will be opened up to January 31st, 2012
  4. 4. Voting DOES NOT determine the winners and will only help shortlist submissions to a top 20
  5. 5. 5 winners will be selected exclusively by COSPLAY: The Series cast and crew, to be announced on February 5th, 2012

Please note that you may find artworks from COSPLAY: The Series cast and crew or partners — they can be voted and commented on but will be exempt from winning.

Prizes will be shipped to the addresses of respective winners or taken at COSPLAY: The Series booths at certain events after February 5th, 2012.

COSPLAY: The Series will handle ONLY UP TO 20USD of shipping costs. Extra costs must be paid by the respective winning artist should his/her shipping method of choice cost more than the aforementioned value.

Incoming search terms:

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