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No more pains

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Energetic morning

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Supports the whole body system

The last but not least benefit would help you to understand their number of things you are getting from memory foam mattress and really it supports on your whole body system and now you don’t need to be worried whenever you want to buy a new mattress because you can pick out this one which should give you desired benefits and seriously you can get rid out from all the health issues soon and would be getting the mattress which is really good for you and your family.

What are gel (foam) mattresses?

Gel mattresses in the true sense of the term are mattresses that are filled with a viscous, heavy gel and work much like waterbeds. However, these offer little support and only partially ergonomically correct storage.

More recommendable are mattresses with a layer of foamed gel, which is light and flexible. The soft and very flexible gel foam is always made with a supporting core of firmer foam B. cold foam – combined to provide perfect back pressure and a good support effect.

Gel foam mattress promotes circulation and eliminates stress and pain:

Thanks to its exceptional characteristics, improves the blood circulation, whatever the body size of the sleeper. It offers a direct consequence of the better distribution of the pressure points. Using gel foam mattress, the recalcitrant pains vanish and allow optimal rest throughout the night, ensuring at the same time awaking more pleasant because softer.

A gel foam mattress against allergies:

Forget old mattresses filled with mites. The memory mattress is much healthier and hygienic thanks to its breathable ticking. Benefiting from an anti-bacterial treatment, it is hypoallergenic and thus provides a rest that no small creature can disturb. It is also for this reason that specialists advocate the memory of form for young children.

Gel foam mattress: Structure:

Each gel foam mattress consists of several layers:

  • Gel foam: 2 to 8 cm high gel foam plate as topmost and thus close-fitting padding for a very good body adaptation and pressure relief
  • Foam substructure: supplements the gel foam padding and provides the necessary back pressure
  • Upper (cover)

Differences between gel and visco foam

Gel foam mattresses are a further development of Visco foam mattresses and have a few things in common with them: they sink superficially soft into the mattress, the foam adapts exactly to the body contour. The spine is supported and the muscles relieved, pressure points reduced. You feel almost “floating” on gel foam.

The difference between visco foam and gel foam lies in the thermo-elasticity: While Visco foam mattresses are dependent on the temperature and harder in the cold; gel foam is temperature-neutral. Even at cooler temperatures in the bedroom, the material retains high adaptability and a slightly faster-restoring force than Viscoschaum. Explore through our website for the best collection of posturepedic mattress.